Without Ballet, Life would be Pointeless

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Hi! My name is Lucia, 33 years old and a true fan of everything to do with ballet which I practiced for over 8 years!

My dream came true when my teacher allowed me to dance on pointe shoes. This would become a project for many years, training myself to become strong enough to stand on my toes. I know the burden of buns and pain in the feet and all the sore muscles that we have to endure for the ultimate pose!

Months and pointe shoes flew by! My search for the perfect pointe shoe took a long time. I had no idea that it could take several years to find the right pointe shoes for your feet.

You start with a beginners pointe, but as your feet become stronger, you need to change and try different pointe shoes. Getting better takes hard work, but it looks and feels so magical when you can finally stand on the tip of your toes!

High arches are every dancer’s dream. You can really enjoy yourself if you (as an amateur) feel like a professional for a moment. In addition to practicing and researching how to get the perfect pointe shoe, watching pictures and videos is also very important.
Looking at the professionals is very motivating, and you learn a lot from them. Plus it's just great to see the pros dance and admire their skill.

Not knowing much about the history of ballet I started searching the internet. Wow! Such beautiful pictures were taken of all the ballerinas and ballet dancers back in the old days and what a fan I was of those old pictures.
Looking at those pictures made me feel warm because that is what ballet does to me.

I then started to collect antique ballet books with pictures of Anna Pavlova, Margot Fonteyn, Nadia Nerina, Frederick Ashton, and many other dancers.
It's so lovely to read in what kind of ballets they've danced and see the pictures that captured a bit of their magic on stage.

And then it occurred to me. It would be great to immortalize these great dancers, not in a book that you close and put back on that dusty shelf, but to revive them and give them the spotlight they deserve in daily life.

Those beautiful pictures were just hidden gems. I wanted these kinds of images on my shirts or on my bag. Nowadays people wear so much black or white ...not that that's a problem, but I just want to wear something colorful.

Color and loads of ballet culture, that's my style!

Because I could not find shirts with glorious old school images of ballerinas and ballet dancers, I decided to do something about it!

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I think it is crucial that we keep ballet culture alive and remember that dance and music is an important part of our lives. The dancers who performed the classics have brought us so much emotion and help us experience deep feelings.
Think Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Giselle, and Don Quixote and many other pieces that help people feel real emotions and just feel happy because of the music or acting of the ballerina or dancer. This ballet culture is an essential part of our society, one that we have to keep alive.

I am very interested in the opinions of my fellow ballet enthusiasts. Together with you I want to put the ballet culture number 1 again in the world!
For my designs, I have chosen the most epic ballet photos, and have tried to give them a modern, funky, and colorful look.  I'd like to bring joy in the world like ballet does.
Do you like them or do you have a different view on my designs? And which one is your favorite? Let me know in our Facebook group or send me an e-mail!


Lucia posing on Pointe



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